We at ACCELERATE NORTHFIELD want to provide you with the tools you need to be successful in supporting Northfield’s LEARNING SUPERHEROES! So, we have developed a set of videos designed to prepare you for your first day in school … and beyond.

ACCELERATE NORTHFIELD does not require you to complete this volunteer orientation before beginning your stint as a tutor. However, we STRONGLY URGE you to view the following two videos:


Volunteer Expectations, an overview of what you will experience and how to react, and


Mandatory Reporting & Bullying, chronicling students to keep our students safe.


We recommend you to time and review one or more of the following videos, which cover topics like how to use Accelerate’s website sign up system and how to sign in and out of the school buildings. Here is a list of the videos:


Signing up for a volunteer time using our online system.


Canceling a volunteer time using our online system.


The First Tutoring Session.


Student Behavior Management


Signing IN on the iPad.


Signing OUT on the iPad.


Tutoring 101

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NORTHFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS provides online training to volunteers. As you will read below, ACCELERATE NORTHFIELD volunteer tutors are not required to complete the training. Again, we at Accelerate Northfield encourages you to view the training.

The following text is from the VOLUNTEER PAGE on the DISTRICT’S WEBSITE.

Only volunteers for afterschool/out-of-school time programs need to complete online volunteer training.

Our volunteer training mini-course covers the basics of volunteering with Northfield students. The Schoology-based course includes a brief volunteer questionnaire, three short training videos and three short quizzes. Completing the entire training should take less than 30 minutes. You may start and stop as you wish; just be sure you know where you left off.

All volunteers are expected to have completed the entire training before their third session of volunteering in our schools. Instructions for how to get started are listed below.

  1. Go to Schoology.com.
  2. If you’ve used Schoology before, login the usual way. If you’ve never used Schoology, don’t worry! Setting up an account is quick, easy and free. To sign up, click the “Sign up” button in the top, right corner. Click “Instructor” for account type. Next, enter in the information required to make your account.
  3. Once in Schoology, go to the “Courses” tab in the top navigation bar and select “Join.”
  4. Enter VVMBH-33K3G as the access code.
  5. You’ve now joined the “Volunteer Training” class! On the class page for “Volunteer Training” click the “Materials” section on the left navigation bar.
  6. Enter the “Module 1” folder located on the center of the screen by clicking on the folder. Watch the video located in the folder called “Module 1 video”.
  7. After watching the video, complete the “Module 1 quiz” which is located in the “Materials” section of the Volunteer Training class. Simply click on the quiz called “Module 1 quiz” to get started.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for modules 2 and 3.