* Is Tutoring in Northfield Schools Right for You?

Thanks for considering to become a reading or math tutor with Accelerate Northfield. We at Accelerate Northfield are excited about the prospects that you might join the fort to tutor in Northfield Schools.

That said, we want to make sure that you know what’s in store for you. So, please take a moment to review the basics of the job.

Our students are want you to succeed, and we at Accelerate Northfield want you to, as well.


Time required varies depending on the teacher request and the volunteer’s preferences and availability.  We ask that volunteers commit to a minimum of 1 hour per week on a day and time of the volunteer’s choosing.


  • Comfortable working with children and people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Able to speak, read, write English and/or Spanish.
  • Able to assist with elementary level academics.
  • Access to reliable transportation to and from the school
  • Volunteers aged 18 years and older will complete a Volunteer Criminal Background Check.
  • Volunteers of all abilities and experience levels are welcome!


  • Sign in and out of the building in the front office.
  • Be professional.
  • Follow the dress code.
  • Please do not use your cell phone while tutoring.
  • Arrive promptly at the agreed upon day and time.
  • Exchange contact information with the teacher (email or phone).
  • Communicate with the teacher regarding any student issues.
  • Please give the teacher 24 hours of advance notice when you will miss a tutoring session.
  • Ask questions to be sure you understand your task.
  • Maintain confidentiality and do not discuss students outside of school.
  • Follow teacher directions.
  • Avoid bringing food or treats for students.
  • Please help reinforce School Rules: WORK, RESPECT, BELONG.


  • Responsibilities of the volunteer may vary, depending on the task the teacher assigns.  It is important that the volunteer checks in regularly with the teacher to receive feedback and ensure things are going well with their task.  Some examples of volunteer duties include: reading aloud with a student while correcting pronunciation and other errors; leading a small group math activity; helping students with writing skills
  • Volunteers may work one-on-one with a student or with small groups of 4-5 students.