* Teachers: How to Request Tutors

Northfield Schools teachers can request volunteer reading and math tutors for their students through Accelerate Northfield’s tutor matching website.

At the beginning of each school year, elementary school teachers receive a welcome email from Accelerate Northfield that contains directions about using the matching website. What follows is a shortened version of those directions:


To request volunteers, go to Accelerate’s matching website and enter your login information. Although you might not know exactly which of your students will need help yet, if you have a general idea of when and what you will need a volunteer tutor for, please enter that information now. You can always update or change your request as needed later. (NOTE: User names and passwords can be obtained by emailing Accelerate Northfield’s coordinator, Michael Garlitz)

Once successfully logged in, click on the “Opportunities” tab at the top of the next page.

• Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “add” button. You also can edit or delete requests using the appropriate buttons at the bottom of the page.
• Enter the information when prompted. Remember to make separate entries for each volunteer request. For instance, if you want a volunteer for Monday and Tuesday, enter a request for Monday and then another for Tuesday. If you would like to create a request with the same information as a previous one, but with one or two changes, you can use the “Copy” button at the bottom of the page to replicate a request you have already entered in the system and then change information as needed when prompted.
• After each request, remember to SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!

When a tutor signs up for your request, contact the tutor and provide any additional information or details necessary. Both you and the tutor will receive an automated email when a tutor has signed up for one of your tutoring sessions. It’s a good idea to contact the tutor and make sure he or she knows where they will be going and answer any other questions the tutor might have.

Click here to email Michael Garlitz