Tutor Season is Here! Volunteer during the 2019-20 school year

Welcome to Accelerate Northfield, and welcome to the 2019-20 school year in the Northfield Public Schools!

We enter the year with high hopes for success for ALL of students, regardless of color, ethnicity, economic status, belief system or gender.

Our community – full- and part-time residents, college students and business professionals, among that group – has been an active partner in helping our district and our students to reach lofty achievements.

You can join that partnership, too, with the help of Accelerate Northfield.

Accelerate Northfield is a collaboration among parents, community members and organizations dedicated to improving the academic performance of local students. Nearly all of the students assisted in their studies have attended School District 659’s three elementary schools.

Accelerate Northfield’s job is to recruit community members to become math or reading tutors. No experience is necessary, except for a passion to help transform Northfield elementary students into learning superheroes!

Our tutors meet with students on an individual basis or in small groups. While most of our volunteers are students at St. Olaf and Carleton colleges, we are grateful to have a large representation of Northfield adults among our ranks.

The process of becoming a tutor is simple: complete a mandatory background check administered through the school district and be connected to at least one tutoring opportunity via Accelerate Northfield’s database.

Tutors are asked to help out at least one hour a week. That said, we work to accommodate your schedule.

Accelerate Northfield looks forward to you joining our ranks of volunteer tutors. We are confident that you can help our students aim high in their academics and become Learning Superheroes!


Tutoring Learning Superheroes

Accelerate Northfield knows any youngster can be a learning superhero. That’s because its scores of volunteer tutors have helped students in Northfield public schools take flight toward lofty academic goals since 2011.

Accelerate Northfield is a collaboration among parents, community members and organizations dedicated to improving the academic performance of local students. Nearly all of the students assisted in their studies have attended School District 659’s three elementary schools.

Doing the heavy lifting in encouraging students to take steps toward superhero status – in other words, making strides in academic performance – has been community volunteers. These tutors, ranging in age from college students to seniors, work with students either on a one-on-one basis or in small groups in reading or math.

Accelerate Northfield continues to seek community members to join its team of tutors. Information about becoming a tutor appears on Accelerate Northfield’s website, www.acceleratenorthfield.org.

Click here for a direct link to our signup page.


A focal point in Accelerate Northfield’s efforts is closing Northfield’s achievement gap, the disparity in educational achievement among groups of students along economic, racial/ethnic or gender lines. Statistically speaking, students of color and those from economically stressed households lag behind their classmates in standardized test scores and graduation rates.

The achievement gap is an issue facing schools not only in Northfield, but statewide, as well.

While working with students needing a boost in academics is an emphasis of Accelerate Northfield, it’s not the entire story of the organization’s efforts. Accelerate Northfield’s tutors regularly work with students across the educational spectrum, including high achievers.


There is one requirement that Accelerate Northfield seeks in volunteers: they possess a desire to help students transform into learning superheroes. Tutors are asked to work in district schools at least one hour each week, although most put in more time than that.

Following a simple registration process (online signup through Accelerate Northfield and a background check administered by Northfield Public Schools), tutors are provided with access to Accelerate Northfield’s electronic database of tutor requests from district teachers. The database, called the matching site, is categorized by teacher, school, subject and tutoring times.

When a volunteer accepts a tutoring assignment, a confirmation email in sent to the volunteer and the teacher. Typically, the teacher and volunteer connect about the assignment prior to the tutor meeting with students.

On days they work with students, volunteer tutors sign in electronically in the main office of the school where they are working and are directed their classroom. They then meet with students and head to their tutoring location, whether that be a corner of a classroom or in the hallway outside a classroom.

Below, Accelerate Northfield’s founders,
Fritz Bogott (far left) and Rachel Matney (2nd from left)
were recognized at an awards ceremony in 2014.
Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 3.29.32 PM


Accelerate Northfield — brainchild of longtime Northfield education advocates Fritz Bogott and Rachel Matney — was founded during the 2011-2012 school year. Relying on the partners like the Reads and Counts program at Carleton and St. Olaf colleges and from community tutors, Accelerate Northfield and its volunteers contributed more than 24,000 volunteer hours that first year. The program started with a three-prong educational philosophy: intensive one-one reading, reading support and enrichment challenge for high-achieving students.

The following year, Accelerate Northfield began focusing on tutoring students at risk of falling into the achievement gap. Its efforts got a boost from a three-year VISTA grant, which provided funding for a staff member to help administer the program.

In subsequent years, Accelerate Northfield tutors have annually contributed thousands of hours of volunteer tutoring. The program has also become a function of Northfield Public Schools.

Partnering with Accelerate Northfield are the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative, Carleton College, St. Olaf College and Northfield Promise.

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