Thank You For Your Service, Tutors


There is no question the past couple months have been unbelievably difficult. We all have faced personal, educational and professional challenges that few of us ever would imagine occurring.

As you already know, Gov. Tim Walz ordered school buildings closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. This action, while appropriate and potentially life-saving, took many people out of the education equation. Among them are you, the dedicated volunteer math and reading tutors of ACCELERATE NORTHFIELD.
As ACCELERATE coordinator, I am grateful for the meaningful impact you made on Northfield students this school year. Your time and efforts improved our students both academically and socially
It’s unclear when the district will be permitted to conduct classes in school buildings again. When that happens, though, I am certain there will be a need for volunteer tutors like you to help our students. We would be thrilled to have you return, if you are able.
Again, thank you for your service, your kindness and your consideration this school year. You performed amazing feats with Northfield students, and the Northfield Public Schools thank you!
Have a wonderful spring and summer!
Michael Garlitz

Become an ACCELERATE Tutor


There is no question that the 2019-20 school year has been a great year for recruiting for ACCELERATE NORTHFIELD. Halfway through the current school year, we already have surpassed our overall tutor recruitment totals for the past three years.

That said, though, the need for additional reading and math tutors in NORTHFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS remains as great as ever. Our teachers are looking for help to transform our local students into LEARNING SUPERHEROES.

ACCELERATE NORTHFIELD is a collaboration among parents, community members and organizations dedicated to improving the academic performance of local students. Our job is to recruit community members to become math or reading tutors. No experience is necessary, except for a passion to help transform Northfield elementary students into LEARNING SUPERHEROES!

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