FAQ: Northfield Middle School

There is one middle school (grades 6-8) in NORTHFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Northfield Middle School

All schools in the Northfield school district are secured during school hours, meaning there is only one way in and out of the school buildings, and that is the main entrance. Entrance doors of the middle school are west of Highway 246 (Division Street) and are easily seen from the street.

Enter through the far right door.

Northfield Middle School
Address: 2200 Division Street South, Northfield
Office Telephone Number: 507.663.0650
Principal: Greg Gelineau
Entry: Through the far-right front door at the front entrance, adjacent to the main parking lot.
Parking: Available in the small parking lot in front of the main entrance. The lot typical is near capacity, although there are several visitor spots. Otherwise, use the larger lot just off Highway 246
WEBSITE: https://northfieldschools.org/schools/northfield-middle-school/