FAQ: Northfield Elementary Schools

There are three elementary schools in NORTHFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Bridgewater, Greenvale Park and Spring Creek (formerly known as Sibley). Are are K-5 schools.

All schools in the Northfield school district are secured during school hours, meaning there is only one way in and out of the school buildings, and that is the main entrance. Entrance doors of all three elementary schools are located near the school name letters, which are easily seen from the street.

Below are addresses, maps and websites for all three elementary schools. Volunteers are advised to check the location of their sites before the first day of tutoring.

Bridgewater Elementary School
Address: 401 Jefferson Parkway, Northfield
Office Telephone Number: 507.664.3300
Principal: Nancy Antoine
Entry: Through front entrance, adjacent to the main parking lot.
Parking: Available in the main parking lot. The lot typical is near capacity. There is a small auxiliary lot that’s just south of the main lot.
WEBSITE: https://northfieldschools.org/schools/bridgewater-elementary/

Street Map to Bridgewater

Greenvale Elementary School
Address: 500 Lincoln Parkway, Northfield
Office Telephone Number:  507.645.3500
Principal: Sam Richardson
Entry: Through front entrance, adjacent to the main parking lot. (Please note: This is a new school. The former Greenville Park school is located next door and is now the site of the district’s early childhood education program.)
Parking: Typically, there are a few parking spots near the back of the main parking lot. Otherwise, park in the lot west of the school or along Lincoln Parkway.
WEBSITE: https://northfieldschools.org/schools/greenvale-park-elementary/

Street Map to Greenvale

Spring Creek Elementary School (Formerly known as Sibley Elementary School)
Address: 1400 Maple Street, Northfield
Office Telephone Number: 507.645.3470
Principal: Scott Sannes
Entry: Through front entrance, adjacent to a a small parking lot in front of the school off Ames Street.
Parking: There is a large parking lot behind the school off Maple Street where staff parks. A sidewalk connects the lot to the front entrance. Otherwise, there is on-street parking in front of the school along Ames Street.
WEBSITE: https://northfieldschools.org/schools/spring-creek-elementary/

Street Map to Spring Creek