TEACHERS: How to Request Volunteers

Teachers request academic support volunteers through ACCELERATE NORTHFIELD and its MATCHING WEBSITE throughout the school year. The process usually begins in September.

If you are new to the district and wondering what ACCELERATE is all about, our mission is to help provide support for Northfield students who would benefit from group or one-on-one tutoring. Our job is to recruit community members (parents, college students, residents) and connect them to volunteer opportunities in our schools.

ACCELERATE connects academic support volunteers and opportunities through its MATCHING WEBSITE. The process is simple: teachers post opportunities on the website, then volunteers who successfully complete background checks pick through the list.

Historically, teachers populate the MATCHING WEBSITE with at least 200 opportunities each school year. Typically, between 50 and 60 percent of those tutor opportunities are filled, which is a high percentage compared to other volunteer efforts nationally.

To request volunteers, go to our matching website (https://www.acceleratenorthfield.org/matching/login.php) and enter the login information provided directly through ACCELERATE.  Although you might not know which students would need help yet, it’s advised you schedule a tutoring spot now, rather than later.  You can update or change your request later.


Just a reminder: Our volunteers provide academic support to our students. They should not be requested to help with other classroom tasks. If you know parents and others in our community who are interested in serving as academic support volunteers this school year, please direct them to ACCELERATE‘s website (www.acceleratenorthfield.com) to complete a volunteer questionnaire. All academic volunteers in the district should go through ACCELERATE to move through the background check process.

Now that you are on the matching website, following these directions to matching a volunteer request:

  1. Click on the OPPORTUNITIES tab at the top of the page.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the ADD button. You also can edit or delete requests using the appropriate buttons at the bottom of the page.

  3. Enter the information when prompted.

  4. Remember to make separate entries for each volunteer request you require. For instance, if you want a volunteer for Monday and Tuesday, enter a request for Monday and then another for Tuesday.

  5. SAVE! SAVE! SAVE your work!

When tutors sign up for requests, they are being instructed to contact teachers for information, particularly start date and expectations. Our goal is to have our volunteers ready to help our students on Day One of their opportunities.

Because of transportation issues for students coming from each campus, we urge teachers to be creative with scheduling. For instance:

  • Work with other teachers to create tutoring blocks so volunteers will be serving our students for two or three hours at a time, rather than popping in for an hour at a time.

  • Schedule a tutor to help out in a single classroom for a ½-day block of learning, rather than just one subject.

Our volunteers seek to help your students. Let’s provide them with opportunities to do that.

CLICK HERE for a pdf of instructions.