Dear friends, supporters and past tutors with Accelerate Northfield,
     I have the sad duty to inform you that Accelerate Northfield will not be placing reading and math tutors in Northfield schools most likely for the entire 2020-21 school year. District policy, for just cause, is limiting the number of people in school buildings this academic year. In this time of COVID-19, it makes sense that we do everything in our power to keep students and staff as safe as possible. Unfortunately, the cost of increasing safety comes at a steep price, and successful programs like Accelerate Northfield must be put on hiatus until a time when we can ensure the wellbeing of those we serve.
The possibility of conducting online tutoring sessions was considered, but was determined to be unrealistic for multiple reasons.
     I want to apologize to the many community members and college students looking forward this school year to continuing Accelerate’s tradition of transforming Northfield students into Learning Superheroes. We anticipate taking on that mission again in a safer time. Thanks again for all that you do for Northfield students and for Accelerate Northfield.
Michael Garlitz
Accelerate Northfield coordinator