April News from Accelerate Northfield

Hello Tutors,

We at Accelerate Northfield want you to like us … literally.

Today, Accelerate Northfield begins a social media campaign designed to increase our visibility in the community and, in turn, grow the number of volunteers making impacts in local schools. The desired result of getting more community members in our schools is closing the achievement goal.

Your first step in making all of this happen is liking us on Facebook, sharing our tweets on Twitter or following us on Linked.

Our social media messages will include volunteer tips, available volunteer opportunities, school news and, on occasion, some fun stuff. We will post content daily, so you don’t want to miss out.

We also hope to receive comments from you about our program and fun things in general.

Between now and June 1, we hope to have 100 Facebook users like us and create a buzz on Twitter and LinkedIn. With your help, we know we have achieved our goals.

Don’t hesitate to share our social media posts with your friends and loved one!

We hope to see you in social media soon.

Click here to go to our Facebook page.

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Best Wishes,
Amy and Michael

Amy Decker
Accelerate Northfield co-coordinator

Michael Garlitz
Accelerate Northfield co-coordinator

Tutoring Tip

A tutor is:
* A facilitator and coach
* Focused on academic skill building
* Student-centered
* Relationship-based
* Teacher/staff directed


* May 25-Memorial Day (No School)
* June 5-Last Day of School (2-Hour Early Dismissal)

Thank You!

We at Accelerate Northfield salute our community volunteers who make a world a difference in the lives of Northfield students.