October News!


Welcome to Accelerate Northfield’s October ’13 Newsletter!  

A Note from Accelerate Northfield


Hello Tutors,

Now that school’s been in session for a month, I thought I would share some of the numbers we’ve generated so far so that you can see just how much of an impact we are having.  We are currently filling 56% (207 out of 372 requests) of all tutor requests, which is fantastic!  Last year we averaged around 50%, so we are already ahead!!

119 volunteers have put in over 490 volunteer hours.  All that in just one month!  Think what we can do over an entire year.  It’s going to be amazing, thanks to you.  I’ll be sure to send out more numbers throughout the course of the year so you can continue to see the valuable impact you volunteers have in our schools.

Despite all that great effort, we do still need more volunteers, especially for Response to Intervention (RtI) opportunities at Bridgewater and Sibley Elementary. We now have a new page on our website with lots of info on RtI, so go check it out to learn more.

Once again, thank you for you incredible efforts thus far, and lets keep it up!

Best Wishes,

Amy Decker
Accelerate Northfield VISTA

The Numbers!In the future, look here for a number that helps represent the impact you are having.  It might be the number of volunteer hours so far this year, the number of students worked with, or even the number of volunteers we have.  It will be a surprise each month, so stay tuned!
Current Events

We are very excited to announce that Accelerate Northfield will be collaborating with Northfield Promise!  Northfield Promise is a collaborative effort by major community institutions to improve lives and increase success for all children in Northfield.

Accelerate Northfield is playing a key role in this mission by working to increase academic success and eliminate the achievement gap, which will improve college opportunities and ultimately increase career choices and opportunities for Northfield students.  We look forward to continuing our efforts in conjunction with Northfield Promise, and we will keep you up to date on any new initiatives and news throughout the year.

What’s Happening Next?

Oct. 17 & 18 – No School (Ed MN)

Oct. 31 – Halloween! (mmm, candy!!)

Nov. 1 – End 1st quarter of school year.

Nov. 3 – Daylight Savings ends. (‘Fall’ back an hour on your alarm clocks for Monday.)

Nov. 4 – No School (Teacher Workday).

Nov. 5 – Election Day.

Nov. 8 – Middle School ONLY.  No School.

Nov. 11 – Veteran’s Day.


We Were in the Northfield News!

Hello all!

So, I will admit that I am a little late in posting this, but there was a great story about Accelerate Northfield in the local paper about a month ago.  Tania Will, one of the school district’s Response to Intervention Coaches, and Fritz Bogott, one of the program’s founders, talk about Accelerate Northfield and why we play such an important role in our local schools.  Please check it out!  Here’s the link to the article.


Amy Decker

VISTA – Accelerate Northfield