May ’13 Newsletter


Welcome to Accelerate Northfield’s May Newsletter!

News from Accelerate Northfield

Hello Tutors,

    We are now here at the end of the school year. This is when we get to see the arrival of warmer weather, and the beginning of Summer Vacation. It has been a fantastic school year for Accelerate Northfield, as over 170 tutors from the community signed up for an opportunity to work with Northfield’s elementary students, over 1,000 of whom have received tutoring from an Accelerate Northfield tutor. I’ve received notes of appreciation from teachers across the district, thankful for the education provided by the tutors in their classrooms, and for the increased support and flexibility your presence grants them.
You also have my personal thanks on making this year such a great one, I have really enjoyed my time working with Accelerate Northfield and its tutors. This will be my last monthly newsletter of this year, but I will continue to be in touch over the summer, sending out updates about the schools, students, and volunteering.
    As always, because we love to hear about the great work you have done with Northfield’s students, we encourage you to send stories of your experiences to so that we can share your experience with other tutors.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts,

Look for more communication later this sumer.

Thank you for your amazing work,

    Joe Amerman

    Accelerate Northfield VISTA


Good News From You!

A story told to a teacher, by one of her tutors:

The other day when I was working with ___ on the math boxes she said the funniest thing! Everybody was moving on to the next task and she was taking so long. It was close to 2 and I really wanted her to finish her math boxes before I left so I rushed her a little, she looked up at at me very innocently and said “If I was helping you, I’d say ‘when you’re done with this problem please move on to the next one’ I wouldn’t rush you at all.” Ahahaha! It was quite surprising, she was so sincere yet very blunt.

Current Events

   As volunteers in the Northfield Public School District, you now have the chance to take a well-earned break and enjoy your summers. However, many of you may wish to find ways to continue volunteering with a few of the many great programs in Northfield that focus on providing fun, and educational, summer activities for local youth. To that end, we have been in touch with SummerVentures, a youth program based at Greenvale Park. Take a look at this link for more information.

   For anyone who’d like to work with an older population, here is some information I received from Claudia Kinville with Northfield Adult Basic Education. Both programs have expressed great excitement at the prospect of having volunteers such as yourself.

What’s Happening Next?

May 22 – One Hour Late Start

May 27 – Memorial Day (No School)

May 28 – School Board Meeting, 7:00-10:00 at the High School Media Center

May 29 – One Hour Late Start

June 2nd – Graduation for Northfield High School Seniors

June 4th – Last Day of School (Two Hour Early Dismissal)