April ’13 Newsletter


Welcome to Accelerate Northfield’s April Newsletter!

News from Accelerate Northfield

 Hello Tutors,

    First, I hope you are all enjoying an excellent Volunteer Appreciation week. I’ve heard from many teachers about just how much they value the work you do.
I’d also like to thank everyone who was able to either fill out the online survey that was sent out in March, or that I was able to talk to over the phone. We want to make your experience in the schools as satisfying and effective as possible, and in doing that, your input is invaluable. If you haven’t had an opportunity to tell us what you think, please click this link: Tutor Survey
Finally, the numbers we are taking in from the iPad data tracking system are continuing to exceed all expectations. Since the beginning of March, Accelerate Northfield tutors have worked with 987 students across the three elementary schools. You’ve registered more than 7,000 individual contacts!
    As always, because we love to hear about the great work you are doing with Northfield’s students, we encourage you to send stories of your experiences to info@acceleratenorthfield.org so that we can share your experience with other tutors.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts,

Look for the next newsletter in May!

Thank you for your amazing work,

    Joe Amerman

    Accelerate Northfield VISTA


Good News From You!

I was recently sent this story from a tutor, in her own words:

Last year I tutored a 3rd grade boy in reading.  He was a grade level behind in reading comprehension.  Once a week we’d go to the library and read together, discussing the book as we read.  We’d talk about the story, the characters, the motives, and compare the text to pictures.  At the beginning of the year he was hesitant about reading, and so we would take turns reading a page.  As the year went on he became more confident and “owned” the book.  He’d hold it, rather than share it with me, and he did all the reading.  By the end of the year his reading was at grade level!

Current Events

     During the course of this year the Northfield School District has begun implementing a new method for intervening with struggling elementary students, and using proven literacy and math related tools to help them catch up to their peers. This method is called Response to Intervention, or RtI. RtI Coaches, staff members who lead the RtI effort in the elementary schools, are currently working to produce videos showing, in detail, exactly what occurs during a RtI session, and these will be sent out, hopefully, in the next newsletter. For now I can say that I have had personal experience using these interventions while a Minnesota Reading Corps Literacy Tutor in Little Falls, MN last year, and I can attest to their effectiveness.  For the time being Accelerate Northfield is working with RtI Coaches to plan trainings, for interested Tutors, in these RtI methods before the 2013-2014 school year. It’s still very much in the planning phase, but I will be sending more information about future training opportunities out to all of you.

What’s Happening Next?

April 16 and 18 – Reading MCA testing – Northfield Elementary Schools

April 22 – 6:00-7:30 – Elementary band display night – Bridgewater Music Room 400

April 22 – 7:00 – School Board Meeting – High School Media Center

April 25 – 2:20 & 7:00 – Sibley Choir Concert

April 22 – 26  – Science and Math MCA testing – Northfield Elementary Schools

May 13 – 7:00 – School Board Meeting – High School Media Center

May 16 – 2:30 & 7:00 – Greenvale Park Choir and Band Concert

May 27 – Memorial Day (No School)