March ’13 Newsletter


Welcome to Accelerate Northfield’s March Newsletter!

News from Accelerate Northfield

Hello Tutors,

    In last month’s newsletter I wrote about the new iPad sign-in systems in the elementary schools. I’m happy to report that since our iPads started tracking  Accelerate Northfield tutoring sessions in early January, tutors from the community and the college have participated in more than 5,615 tutoring opportunities with students across all three elementary schools! It has been amazing, as the iPad system has begun operating, to see just how much contact tutors are actually having with the students. It really is remarkable.
    As always, because we love to hear about the great work you are doing with Northfield’s students, we encourage you to send stories of your experiences to so that we can share your experience with other tutors.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts,

Look for the next newsletter in April!

Thank you for your amazing work,

    Joe Amerman

    Accelerate Northfield VISTA


 Good News From You!

    This month I had the opportunity to ask a tutor from Carleton College about her experiences working with students on reading and math. Standing on the edge of a busy classroom, happy and smiling, she told me that after trying several jobs on her campus, she decided she simply didn’t enjoy it, and began tutoring soon after.
Since then she’s found her work to be far more satisfying than she had imagined, and would recommend it to anyone she knows. Her positive attitude and hard work have had results. While giving the teachers the great credit they deserve, she can say that her tutees have shown definitive growth in the subjects of math and reading.

What’s Happening Next?

March 18th-21st – Parent teacher conferences at the three elementary schools

March 25th-29th – No School (Spring Break)

April 1st – No School (Easter Holiday)

April 4th – Beyond Words family literacy event

-Sibley Elementary 5:00 – 7:30 pm

April 9th – Greenvale Evening of the Arts

-Greenvale Park Elementary 6:00 – 7:30 pm

April 16th and 17th – MCA Testing at the elementary schools


All New iPad Sign In System

Hello All,

I’m happy to report that we have, in collaboration with the school district, placed a new volunteer sign in system in each of the three elementary schools. Replacing the traditional binders, we have placed an iPad for use by all volunteers, including the tutors of Accelerate Northfield. These iPads will allow the district to gain a clearer understanding of the number of volunteers working in the schools, and a clearer picture of the impact those volunteer are having. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the change.