February ’13 Newsletter

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A note from Accelerate Northfield

Hello Tutors,
I’d like to start by welcoming you to Accelerate Northfield’s first monthly newsletter. In each newsletter we will include important updates, information on upcoming events at the elementary schools, and good news testimonials from tutors like yourself. Because we love to hear about the great work you are doing with Northfield’s students, we encourage you to send your stories to info@acceleratenorthfield.org so that we can share your experience with other tutors.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts,
look for the next newsletter in March!

Joe Amerman
Accelerate Northfield VISTA

Good News From You!

Recently a teacher expressed her appreciation for the commitment of our tutors to her classroom. In particular she referred to an instance where a tutor was considering taking a job which prevent them from continuing to tutor. However, after thinking about it, they realized that they would miss the children too much, and so chose to continue volunteering over taking a paying position.

It is passion like this, and the work of tutors like you, that makes a difference in the lives of Northfield’s students.


Current News

In the past month Accelerate Northfield has put in place a new method of signing in, with iPads replacing the standard clipboards. We’ve worked with the school district to create a system that will track the impact volunteer tutors are having on the students they are working with. By using the new sign in/out system you are helping Northfield’s elementary schools determine how they can best assist our struggling students in overcoming the challenges they’re facing.