Help Wanted: Super Tutors to Support Our LEARNING SUPERHEROES


ACCELERATE NORTHFIELD seeks members of the Northfield community to become volunteer reading and math tutors in NORTHFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

Becoming a tutor is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (and 4, in this case). Or, in other words, a snap.

Here is what is involved:

  • Fill out the VOLUNTEER QUESTIONNAIRE, which asks for your name and email address. That is available HERE.
  • Complete the ONLINE CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK, which is administered free of charge by Northfield Schools. You either will be emailed a link to the site or click HERE to go directly there.
  • Complete the VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION. We encourage first-time tutors to browse our online resources. Click HERE to view that page.
  • Sign up for a TUTORING OPPORTUNITY. We will provide you with what you need to know to accomplish this task. Click HERE for instructions.

Read more about the registration process in SUPPORTING SUPERHEROES IN NORTHFIELD SCHOOLS IS A SNAP.

If you are searching for tutor training information, Click read VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION: LEARN TO SUPPORT SUPERHEROES.
* Are you curious about whether being a math or reader tutor is your cup of tea? Read IS TUTORING IN NORTHFIELD SCHOOLS RIGHT FOR YOU?

Help Transform Students into LEARNING SUPERHEROES


ACCELERATE NORTHFIELD knows any youngster can be a LEARNING SUPERHERO. That’s because its scores of volunteer tutors have helped students in NORTHFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS take flight toward lofty academic goals since 2011.

You, too, can help transform students into LEARNING SUPERHEROES.

Accelerate Northfield is a collaboration among parents, community members and organizations seeking to improve the academic performance of local students. Accelerate’s reading and math tutors work primarily in Northfield’s three elementary schools: BRIDGEWATER, GREENVALE PARK and SIBLEY. Accelerate tutors also have the option to serve at NORTHFIELD MIDDLE SCHOOLand ARCADIA CHARTER SCHOOL.

Doing the heavy lifting in encouraging students to take steps toward superhero status – in other words, making strides in academic performance – has been community volunteers. These tutors, ranging in age from college students to seniors, work with students either on a one-on-one basis or in small groups in reading or math.

CLICK HERE for more information on becoming a volunteer math or reading tutor for Accelerate Northfield.

ACCELERATE Sets Course for Tutors


Welcome to ACCELERATE NORTHFIELD, and welcome to the 2019-20 school year in the NORTHFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

We enter the year with high hopes for success for ALL students, regardless of color, ethnicity, economic status, belief system or gender.

Our community – full-time and part-time residents, college students and business professionals, among that group – has been an active partner in helping our district and our students to reach lofty achievements for many years.

You can join that partnership, too, by signing up as a volunteer math or reading tutor with Accelerate Northfield.

To read more of this article, go to ACCELERATE OVERVIEW: WHO WE ARE, WHAT WE DO.

For details about becoming a volunteer reading or math tutor, go to SUPPORTING LEARNING SUPERHEROES IS A SNAP.