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Over the last four years, Northfield’s low-income elementary students have trailed behind their peers in math proficiency by an average of 22%.  Low income students also trail their peers in reading proficiency by an average of 25%.

This achievement gap could soon grow even wider because the number of low income students in Northfield is growing.  This means more students are at risk of falling into Northfield’s achievement gap.  34.3% of elementary students now receive free or reduced price lunches.  That is a 3% increase since Accelerate Northfield was founded in 2011.

We need your help to prevent the achievement gap between Northfield’s low income elementary students and their peers from growing and to help us close the gap altogether.  You can help by tutoring struggling students in reading and math skills for one hour per week with Accelerate Northfield.  By tutoring with Accelerate Northfield, you can prepare students for success in the classroom and later in life. You can help students launch for a life as learning superheroes!

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May 2015 Newsletter

Hello Tutors,

Thank you for another wonderful year of service to students in Northfield schools. You all were part of the effort to shrink Northfield’s achievement gap, as well as to bolster academic performance among many of our students.

We welcome you to return to tutoring for the 2015-16 school year, which starts Sept. 8. Watch local media and social media this summer for more details about the upcoming school year.

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Amy & Michael

Amy Decker & Michael Garlitz
Program Coordinators

Tutoring Tips

Have a wonderful summer!

What’s Happening Next?

May 31 – Northfield High School graduation

June 5 – Last day of classes for the 2014-15 school year (two-hour early dismissal)

Sept. 8 – First day of classes for the 2015-16 school year


April News from Accelerate Northfield

Hello Tutors,

We at Accelerate Northfield want you to like us … literally.

Today, Accelerate Northfield begins a social media campaign designed to increase our visibility in the community and, in turn, grow the number of volunteers making impacts in local schools. The desired result of getting more community members in our schools is closing the achievement goal.

Your first step in making all of this happen is liking us on Facebook, sharing our tweets on Twitter or following us on Linked.

Our social media messages will include volunteer tips, available volunteer opportunities, school news and, on occasion, some fun stuff. We will post content daily, so you don’t want to miss out.

We also hope to receive comments from you about our program and fun things in general.

Between now and June 1, we hope to have 100 Facebook users like us and create a buzz on Twitter and LinkedIn. With your help, we know we have achieved our goals.

Don’t hesitate to share our social media posts with your friends and loved one!

We hope to see you in social media soon.

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Best Wishes,
Amy and Michael

Amy Decker
Accelerate Northfield co-coordinator

Michael Garlitz
Accelerate Northfield co-coordinator

Tutoring Tip

A tutor is:
* A facilitator and coach
* Focused on academic skill building
* Student-centered
* Relationship-based
* Teacher/staff directed


* May 25-Memorial Day (No School)
* June 5-Last Day of School (2-Hour Early Dismissal)

Thank You!

We at Accelerate Northfield salute our community volunteers who make a world a difference in the lives of Northfield students.


March News from Accelerate Northfield

Welcome to Accelerate Northfield’s March 2015 newsletter!

** A Note from Accelerate Northfield
Hello Tutors,

Happy Spring! After a busy finish to last month with conferences and the end of the third quarter, we hope you took some time to relax this last week and had a wonderful spring break.

Starting early next week, or shortly thereafter depending on the school, standardized testing will begin. Students will be taking the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) test. This is a very busy and stressful time of year for teachers, so please keep these things in mind:

  • Be proactive. Teachers probably won’t be supervising you as closely, so if you have questions or need something from your teacher, you will need to bring it up. Don’t wait for them to notice. Follow up in a day or two if the teacher doesn’t get back to you right away.
  • Confirm your tutoring dates and times. Ask when your students will be taking standardized tests. If necessary, work with the teacher to either make alternate arrangements for that session or cancel the conflicting session.
  • Your students may be stressed or act out more as testing approaches, especially if they are worried about it. Be aware and be prepared for these situations.

I hope you enjoy the wonderful spring weather!
Amy & Michael

Amy Decker & Michael Garlitz
Program Coordinators

** Tutoring Tips
* It’s officially spring, and students may be extra fidgety this time of year since it is finally nice outside. Plan a little extra time to talk or go through a ‘settling down’ routine at the beginning of your session.
* Remember to ask your students for feedback and input on your sessions. Do they feel like they are improving? Is there anything or any particular skill they want to work on?
* Get your students involved and engaged in your sessions by letting them set a few goals, especially goals for that day’s session. For example, reading 6 pages, or a whole chapter, or completing a worksheet during your session.

** What’s Happening Next?
March 31. – Quarter 3 starts.
April & early May – It’s standardized testing season! Remember to double check your tutoring schedule so you don’t show up when your students are testing.

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